Roberto Tundo

Chief Information and Technology Officer - Alitalia

Roberto Tundo

Roberto Tundo is the Alitalia’s Chief Information and Technology Officer.

Born in 1970, he graduated in Statistic and Economics from Palermo University in 1994 with a research thesis on “Chaotic time series: Use of Recurrent Neural Networks in order to identify the dynamics of the unknown system which produces the time series”.

He completed his curriculum studiorum achieving from LUISS University in Rome an MBA and an Executive Program certification about “Leadership for Energy” from Harvard University.

After two years spent in a financial sector as ICT Analyst, he continued his career working for the Enel Group with growing responsibilities both Business and ICT Area.

He successfully directed, among other important projects:

·   the ICT transformation to support the Energy Market liberalization in Italy (2002);

·   the Enel Group expansion to Russia -taking in charge the role of ICT Country Manager for Russia and Community of Independent States (2007);

·   the fast grow-up of Enel Green Power, the Enel Group’s world leader renewable energy company (2012);

·   the digital revolution inside Enel Group acting as  Chief Digital Business Enabler for the whole Enel Group (2015).

As of January 2016 he’s the Chief Information and Technology Officer for Alitalia Airline.