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Gonzalo Pérez Gasca

Aktios digital services

Gonzalo Pérez Gasca - CEO Aktios digital services
Degree in Physical Sciences from the Central University of Barcelona and postgraduate from the IESE Business School of the University of Navarra.
Founding partner of Aktios Digital Services.
For 24 years at Accenture leading the Retail Unit in Spain and Mexico. Specialized in digital transformation and ecommerce.
I have worked with the most important distributors in Spain and I have collaborated in numerous initiatives and projects in other counties like France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal and United Kingdom; and in Latin America in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.
I led innovative initiatives in the sector undertaking transformation projects in areas such as Supply Chain and Human Resources; and especially in the digital channel and developing multichannel approaches under the concept of “connected store”.
I am currently leading the Aktios Digital service line, promoting innovative digital transformation initiatives in multiple leading Spanish companies and boosting the business in the rest of Europe and Latin America.