The new role of A.I., influencers and content creators in marketplaces

One of the other great changes that the retail and e-commerce sector has experienced in recent years is the arrival of A.I., influencers and their impact the way people consume information and shop. These are typically the ones on social media, with a large audience, who advise, recommend and inspire their community, becoming an important purchasing lever.

According to our IPSOS report, 79% of Italians use social media to look for trends and 36% have purchased a product because of an influencer’s recommendation. In Italy it represents 1 out of 3 consumers willing to purchase a product if an influencer recommends it, so we know they are powerful for brands and marketplaces.

This influence becomes even greater when it comes to sectors such as fashion and beauty. Out of the products that Italian consumers bought based on influencer recommendations, 45% were in the Beauty and Cosmetics category and 38% in Fashion. The fashion and beauty brands are heavily reliant on influencers. They need to leverage them for product launches, testing and reviews to convince consumers of making an online purchase.

That’s what we aim to do at Miravia in Spain, to support our fashion and beauty brands. We want influencers to be our allies, be part of our community and make the most of the mutual benefits between marketplace and influencers.